plaNext–Next Generation Planning, Cities that Talk, Volume 1, July 2015

Volume 1,  ISSN 2468-0648, DOI 10.17418/PLANEXT.2015.VOL.01

Francesco Lo Piccolo, AESOP President

Coral Reefs, Fresh Streams and Deep Oceans in the Future of Planning Research: Introducing plaNext in the Framework of AESOP Policies and Strategies

I am happy to introduce the first volume of plaNext as one of the most challenging initiatives of our association. What is plaNext? plaNext is an open access online journal intellectually produced and managed by AESOP Young Academics. plaNext is published as part of the AESOP online publishing platform, InPlanning. ...

Jeffrey Hou and Feras Hammami

On the Entangled Paths of Urban Resistance, City Planning and Heritage Conservation

Resistance, planning and conservation may seem like parallel or combating universes – while resistance almost always entails actions against the state institutions, planning and conservation practices function typically with and within them. These seemingly disen- gaged modalities of social and political processes came together as the focus of the 8th ...

Christian Peer

The Shape of Knowledge Redistribution within Planning Cultures: The Question of Resistance in the Case of a Large-scale Urban Development Project in Vienna

With the beginning of the 21st century a series of large-scale urban development projects (LUDPs) were planned alongside the transformation or modernization of federal railway stations in Vienna. Herein, in October 2012 the City of Vienna together with the landowner set the course for a telling modified urban development project: ...

Fredrik Torisson

An Anatomy of hope

So, it is the crisis of the idea of revolution. But behind the idea of revolution is the crisis of the idea of another world, of the possibility of, really, another organization of society, and so on. Not the crisis of the pure possibility, but the crisis of the historical ...

Lina Berglund-Snodgrass

Safety and Agonistic Conceptions of Public Life

This paper seeks to enable for conceptual resistance towards a desirable urban order of safe public realms, to which the planning for safety directly contributes. One way of engaging in that kind of resistance is by contributing to politicising the system of beliefs informing planning for safety. Planning for safety ...

Michele Vianello

Re-designing Commons in Italy

The paper gives a critical account of the recent Italian debate on Commons concentrating on some theoretical problems, with reference to two different components: the economic research on the Commons, the juridical research on the property nature of Commons. It then puts them in parallel with the social demands arisen, ...