plaNext–Next Generation Planning, Questioning Planning, Connecting Places and Times, Volume 3, December 2016

Volume 3,  ISSN 2468-0648, DOI 10.24306/plnxt.2016.03.000

Anna Geppert


It is a pleasure to write a foreword for the third volume of plaNext, dedicated to ‘Differences and Connections: Beyond Universal Theories in Planning, Urban, and Heritage Studies’. This volume publishes six papers selected from the YA conference held on this topic in Palermo in March 2015, thanks to the ...

Simone Tulumello and Patsy Healey

Questioning Planning, Connecting Places and Times: Introduction to the Special Issue

Let us open this editorial introduction in an unusual way, made possible by plaNext’s innovative approach to peer-review. Let us quote a paragraph from one of the reviews to the articles of this issue, namely the review by Marco Allegra to Ignacio Castillo Ulloa’s article. One might suspect that this ...

Ignacio Castillo Ulloa

From Apophenia to Epiphany: Making Planning Theory-Research-Practice Co-constitutive

This paper addresses the question of how planning research could be reasserted to balance the relationship between theory and practice. To that end, a twofold approach is taken: on the one hand, different interrelations among planning theory, research and practice are set out building on Jacques Lacan’s ‘four discourses’—the master’s, ...

Cora Fontana

Hernando de Soto on Land Titling: Consensus and Criticism

The proliferation of informal settlements is one of the most relevant consequences of the urbanization process that has been affecting most of the cities in the Global South. Among the different ways to cope with this issue, the regularization of informal settlements through land titling has been one of the ...

Aoife Doyle

Operationalising Resilience within Urban Planning – Bridging Theory and Practice

Over the past two decades, the concept of ‘urban resilience’ has gained increasing attention within the field of urban planning. More recently, interest in the concept can be partly linked to the recent global economic crisis, which has stimulated much debate around pre-crisis urban development models, and more broadly around ...