plaNext–Next Generation Planning, Making Space for Hope, Volume 8, July 2019

Volume 8,  ISSN 2468-0648, DOI 10.24306/plnxt.2019.vol08

Simone Tulumello


Type: Foreword

Lina Berglund-Snodgrass and Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren and Lena Greinke

Editorial: Making Space for Hope: Exploring its Ethical, Activist and Methodological Implications

[From the introduction] This volume is a special issue with contributions that stem from the collaborations of the 2018 AESOP PhD workshop, held 5-8 July at Tjärö island, Sweden. The overarching aim of the workshop was to establish inclusive spaces for dialogue and collaboration between PhD students across countries and ...

Type: Editorial introduction Special Issue: Making Space for Hope

Megan Sharkey and Monica Lopez Franco and Lara Katharine Mottee and Federica Scaffidi

Activist Researchers: Four Cases of Affecting Change

Researchers in urban planning are frequently motivated by the desire to facilitate positive social change. In seeking better ways to effect change, the researcher becomes an activist by engaging with social and environmental issues in a meaningful way to solve a problem. It is also often at this nexus where ...

Type: Essay Special Issue: Making Space for Hope

Koen Bandsma and Lena Greinke and Danielle MacCarthy

How Power Relationships are Involved in Research Methods

With the rise of activism and activist research, this paper explores how power relationships are involved in traditional and emerging methods used in research on activism. This question matters as research methods have the potential to both improve the capacities of activist groups and enhance knowledge of agents involved: researcher ...

Type: Essay Special Issue: Making Space for Hope

Tore Sager

Activism by Lay and Professional Planners: Types, Research Issues, and Ongoing Analysis

Commentary article [From the introduction] In this paper, I propose a classification of activist planning types, point out a few issues for discussion in the study of activist planning, and question if the idea of an activist communicative planning makes sense. In addition, I explain my own approach to delimitation of ...

Type: Essay Special Issue: Making Space for Hope

Tuna Tasan-Kok

Exploring Critical Constructive Thinking in Planning Studies

Commentary article [From the introduction] I proposed to place ‘critical constructive thinking’ in planning research under the spotlight as a topic for discussion with PhD students and young scholars during the AESOP PhD workshop, which followed the same theme of ‘hope’. It provided an excellent platform to debate for planning ...

Type: Essay Special Issue: Making Space for Hope