plaNext–Next Generation Planning, Navigating Change: Planning for Societal and Spatial Transformations, Volume 9, December 2019

Volume 9,  ISSN 2468-0648, DOI 10.24306/plnxt.2019.vol09

Paulo Silva

Editorial: Planning is About Change – Different Perspectives on Societal Challenges

[From the introduction] The 12th AESOP Young Academics conference – and this volume of plaNext as a follow-up of it - brought the topic of navigating change back to Europe. Not being a matter for total surprise, it is still relevant that this occurs. In fact, in the last decades the ...

Type: Editorial introduction Special Issue: Navigating Change

Eriketti Servou

A Methodological Approach on Studying Policy-making of Autonomous Driving in Cities

This commentary proposes a methodological approach about policy analysis on autonomous driving. It focuses on the role of discourse, the multiple actors and technologies involved in the processes of urban policy-making. Autonomous driving is considered a crucial case of policy-making in cities, because of the multitude of established and new ...

Type: Research article Special Issue: Navigating Change

Astrid Krisch

Examining Cultural Planning in Vienna: The Discursive Institutionalization of Social Infrastructure in Strategic Planning

Culture and planning have often been connected through issues of culture-led urban development and regeneration or cultural and creative industries. However, cultural provision as a form of social infrastructure has rarely been used to understand the institutionalization of culture within planning practices. I claim that how culture is institutionalized through ...

Type: Research article Special Issue: Navigating Change

Tiina Hotakainen and Essi Oikarinen

Balloons to Talk about: Exploring Conversational Potential of an Art Intervention

Relational approaches to urban development have gained ground in academic literature, highlighting diverse perspectives, such as experience, participation, aesthetics, performativity and affection.  However, these practices neglect conversation as a connection between local everyday life and urban development. We argue that as art generally provokes discussion, material art acquires potential to ...

Type: Research article Special Issue: Navigating Change

Beatrice Jlenia Pesce and Annamaria Bagaini

Urban and Architectural Adaptive Strategies for Inclusive Cities: A Review of International Innovation Experiments

The current migration flows toward Europe are having a significant impact on social composition, economy, urban services, and on the physical dimensions of cities. Cities have a key role in developing immigration policies and sustainable accommodation models, that can promote an inclusive society as well as local development. Due to ...

Type: Research article Special Issue: Navigating Change

Duygu Okumuş

Seasonality and Out-migration of Residents: The Case of Bozcaada, Turkey

This paper explores the socio-economic and cultural transitions of Bozcaada, a small Turkish island in northern Aegean Sea, with a focus on seasonal changes. The local economy of the island has shifted from small-scale viniculture to domestic tourism over the last three decades. Currently, the local economy became dominated by ...

Type: Research article Special Issue: Navigating Change

Viktorija Prilenska

Participation Game: Reflections on the Iterative Design Process

Civic engagement in decision-making concerning the built environment has become a widely acknowledged practice. Today this is no longer about the dilemma of civic engagement, but rather about the best strategy for the purpose. Games and gamified applications are gaining popularity as efficient tools for civic engagement, which attract and ...

Type: Research article Special Issue: Navigating Change